Around Taroudant

Set nestled inside the Medina walls, Taroudant has a wealth of sights and activities for you to explore in your time at Dar Randigaba. Feel free to ask Said about a guided tour and things to do, or simply discover the city and surrounds at your own pace.

Caléche: The horse drawn carriages or ‘Caléche’s’ that gather just inside the Bab el-Kasbah will take you for a relaxing ride around the ramparts of the city, where you can soak in the history of the 16th century walls and watch as the locals go about their business.

Taroudant Souks: The two souks in Taroudant, the Arab Souk or ‘Souq Arabe’ and the Berber Souk or ‘Souq Berbére’, both have different feels and deal in different goods. The Souq Arabe is the marketplace to find rugs, leather goods, jewellery and other traditional crafts. Souvenirs are best found here, due to the high quality of antiques and jewellery. The Souq Berbére is an everyday market, trading in exotic spices and vegetables as well as clothing and pottery; while also offering a smaller collection of rugs and carpets.

Hammams: The “Hammams” or Arabic baths are a cheap and unique experience for you in Morocco, where you can join in the truly local past time of bathing and socialising. Split into separate Male and Female areas, the baths are a great way to interact with the locals and learn about Taroudant. Simply ask Said for more information on visiting the Hammams, and he will happily arrange a visit for you.

Trekking: Taroudant’s proximity to the western High Atlas Mountain Ranges makes Dar Randigaba a fantastic base for Hiking and Trekking trips. Simply ask Said about venturing into the ranges to explore and visit sights like the Tichka Plateau, a serene area of highland meadows and gorges.

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